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Specialty Box and Packaging

VGM Club members receive at least far column pricing on orders of any size - call for a catalog made exclusively for VGM Club members

Specialty Box & Packaging is a 50 year old family run company that helps small to medium sized businesses access packaging that is every bit as good or better than the corporate "Big Boys."  It is with this mission in mind that we offer free art services though our program,  "You Dream It, We Design It."

Exclusive VGM Catalog

As your VGM Packaging Partner, Specialty Box has produced a catalog exclusively for the use of VGM Club members. 

To request a catalog or free samples, contact Specialty Box by calling 800.283.2247, send an email to [email protected] or visit www.specialtybox.com.

Please always identify yourself as a VGM Club member when you reach out to Specialty Box.

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