VGM Club members receive discounted prices on Cintas services.

Cintas leads the industry in supplying corporate identity uniform programs, providing entrance and logo mats, restroom supplies, promotional products, first aid, safety, fire protection products and services, and industrial carpet and tile cleaning. 


Cintas Uniform Rental

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Quality and Service you Deserve

Inquire about Cintas today! Call for pricing in your area - Lauri Wright: 800-363-5480.

Here’s Why Cintas is the Best Choice for Your Uniform Program:

  • No upfront capital is required. You don`t have to buy the uniforms.
  • We provide a full-service uniform program. We handle all of the laundry, repairs and maintenance.
  • Your employees look good and feel good in clean, personalized uniforms.
  • We individually fit uniforms for each employee to ensure the right look and fit.
  • Week after week, we pick up your soiled uniforms and deliver professionally cleaned ones.
  • We inspect, repair and replace them as needed to maintain your professional image.
  • We tailor your uniform program to meet your objectives, requirements and budget.
  • If the size of your work force increases, we add additional uniforms. If you reduce your number of employees, we take the excess uniforms back into our inventory.
  • We guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Cintas Uniform Purchase

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How to get started:

Members not currently on the VGM Cintas Purchase program, please contact Christina Windle, Cintas Account Manager at 708-910-6551 or for your phone or online account number. 

Exclusive products for VGM Club members

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Did you know?

  • Uniforms help define your brand and create an image unique to your establishment.
  • Consumers have more confidence and trust in employees wearing uniforms.
  • Uniforms improve employee morale and teamwork, increasing productivity and profitability.
  • The quality of products and services is perceived to be higher when employees are wearing uniforms.
  • Cintas offers a wide variety of uniforms to ensure that your establishment and its people always present a professional image.

Visit to view uniform items.

Program excludes any current Cintas casino customers. 

Cintas First Aid & Safety

VGM Club members receive national account pricing on AED`s and first aid products

Cintas First Aid & Safety is America`s leading first aid service provider and a division of Cintas, the Uniform People. Cintas offers their market-leading onsite first aid restocking services and ReviveR AED at special reduced prices to all VGM Club members in the United States. 

Getting Started

  • To contact your local Cintas First Aid Facility, or to order supplies please call 877-973-2811
  • Getting started with Cintas First Aid & Safety: More Information HERE

A local Cintas First Aid rep will set up a meeting and offer a free site survey to assess your first aid and AED needs. Several VGM Club members use onsite first aid services, and with Cintas we can improve service and product quality while consolidating vendors and reducing costs.

To be connected directly to your nearest local Cintas First Aid & Safety branch, call 877-973-2811.
Be sure to identify yourself as a VGM Club member.

About Cintas First Aid Service

  • Onsite first aid cabinet restocking service saves money because supplies are available when they are needed, reducing medical clinic visits, workers comp costs and lost productivity.
  • Service frequency can be adjusted to fit each location`s requirements, and the local decision-maker always approves the service before cabinets are restocked. You do not need to buy new cabinets, as Cintas will simply begin restocking your existing ones.
  • Cintas` handheld computer system improves accuracy while giving locations significant discounts over other more expensive services.
  • Your Cintas First Aid service rep will check your AED at no charge at each first aid service visit to help assure readiness.
  • This is a separate division of Cintas, so both the service and billing will be separate from any Cintas uniform and floor mat issues.

About the Cintas ReviveR AED

AEDs (defibrillators) treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest, one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities. Among all AEDs on the market today, the ReviveR is the easiest to use, the most rugged and the lowest priced.

Cintas First Aid division also has the training, installation and medical oversight necessary to get everything set-up properly. When combined with Cintas` onsite first aid restocking service, this AED program offers VGM Club members the ability to save both money and lives, while Cintas checks your AED each month for free. Cintas also has a trade-in program for older AEDs that can save you money.

  • At only $1,295, the ReviveR is less than half the price of larger, more difficult to use devices and thousands less than AEDs from only a year ago.
  • Safe and easy-to-use, the ReviveR has pre-connected pads, two-button operation and loud voice instructions that walk users through operations.
  • The ReviveR is also built to work in virtually any environment and includes a five-year battery for low maintenance.
  • Cintas handles the installation in either glass-front wall-mounted cases or first-responder bags for easy use.

View 2018 pricing: HERE!

Cintas Cleaning Services

VGM Club members receive discounted pricing

Safe Floor – Clean Restrooms – Clean Kitchens

Boost your profits, productivity and brand image with Cintas commercial cleaning services – and improve the comfort and well-being of your customers and employees. Cintas offers VGM Club members savings on these services:

  • Mat & Mop Services
  • Clean Restrooms

Products and Services to Get the Job Done

Cleaning With Sanis Ultra Clean – Get the dirt and germs mops can't reach.

Supplies – A fully stocked and clean smelling restroom is just as important as a clean restroom.

  • Signet™ Cleaning Chemical Service
  • Commercial Tile and Carpet Cleaning Services

Facility Service Programs

A Facility Services Program with Cintas will enhance your image, improve productivity, and keep you compliant:

Facility Services Programs: More Information HERE

  • Safe Floor Program 
  • Clean Restroom Program
  • Clean Kitchen Program 
  • Clean Shop Program

A Cintas Facility Services Program will help with:

  • Image 
  • Cleanliness 
  • Compliance/Safety 
  • Improve Productivity/Efficiency 
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Employee-Safety 
  • Reduce Housekeeping Costs            

Create a program that fits your needs with:

  • Essentials: Hand Care, Paper/Tissues
  • Protection: Floor Mats, Air Fresheners
  • Maintain: Chemical Dispensing, Microfiber Wipes
  • Deep Clean: Restroom Maintenance, Kitchen Deep Clean, Carpet Restorative



Cintas Fire Protection

VGM Club members receive discounts on all services - please mention your VGM Club membership during annual inspections and repairs in order to receive your discount

Cintas Fire Protection, one of America’s leading national fire service providers and a division of Cintas, the Uniform People.

Why Cintas Fire Protection?

  • Offers all services - many on the same visit - simplifying your compliance tracking at National pricing to save you money.
  •  Performs a full survey of your facility during the first visit. Their Personal Route Computers will capture all equipment data and will insure no equipment is missed and all service is performed at each visit. The information and reports will be available if you need proof of service for your insurer or local fire department.
  • Their technicians are trained and licensed including background checks insuring the best service from a company we can trust.
  • You do not need to purchase new equipment.  If your current equipment is in compliance with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards, they can service it.
  • If an extinguisher needs service, it will be replaced with a comparable unit that has been serviced at their facility insuring quality control and limiting the need for loaner units or on-site maintenance.
  • If repairs are needed, they will be performed quickly and usually on the same visit, limiting their time in your facility.


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