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Expense Reduction Advisors, LLC

VGM Club members receive discount on audit services and energy procurement.

Expense Reduction Advisors (ERA) is a contingency based utility bill (electric, gas, propane, water/sewer and trash) auditing firm. Simply put they are verifying the accuracy of your utility bills, looking for billing errors, incorrect tariffs, multipliers, incorrect readings, faulty meters, contracted price vs. actual billed, etc…  

Best of all if they cannot find any errors they do not get paid!

The ERA Advantage

In the deregulated markets where you are given the option of who you purchase your electricity and gas from, they offer procurement services, this can sometimes be very confusing and misleading by energy brokers. They educate you and take the mystery out of the procurement process. 

VGM Club Members receive special discounted pricing on both electricity and natural gas.

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