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Solid Waste & Recycling

Members consistently see an average savings of 34%

The U.S. Consulting Group is a national Waste & Recycling Management Company, offering substantial cost savings to clients at no capital expense. Their services are provided on a shared savings basis, delivering a win-win opportunity at no risk to you! Whether you’re part of a large company or a small operation, the USCG has a customized savings package for you. 

You have a need, USCG has the answer – let’s talk today!  

Get Started

  1. Contact your VGM rep at 800-363-5480 or Johnny Davis at 918-851-6764 or jdavis@theuscg.com
  2. We will have a few questions to help find the best program that suits you
  3. USCG will analyze your current set-up 
  4. Upon completion of analysis, we will help create a program just for you



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