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Office Depot

VGM Club members receive up to 75% off list price when using the Retail Connect card plus free shipping on orders $50+

Receive negotiated contract pricing at any Office Depot retail location with the Store Purchase Card!  Click for Store Purchase Card

The card allows you to receive your negotiated contract pricing on items purchased at any Office Depot retail location, with no program fees or costs.

Note: you will receive your program discount but your purchase will not show up on your savings summary

Office Depot Advantage Program

To set up an Office Depot account or change your current account email [email protected]

VGM Club is excited to provide a comprehensive solution from Office Depot.  We have negotiated extreme discounts on hundreds of products and have 10-15% off retail for all products! These include:

  • General Office 
  • Cleaning & Break Room
  • Shipping materials
  • Furnishing & Space planning (Office, Lobby and more)
  • First Aid & Safety
  • Property/Facilities/Warehouse/Manufacturing Needs
  • Custom Printing projects (business cards, stationary, envelopes, brochures, flyers)
  • Marketing/Advertising/Event Planning (banners, posters, booth setups, promo items)
  • IT/Networking 
  • Servers - Parts, Installation, Maintenance, Service
  • Data Storage/Cloud Services
  • Technology (Computers, Printers, Apple Products, Tablets, & more)
  • Phone and security systems

NOTE: When you have larger projects (new buildings, new location, etc. that include furniture, space planning, technology, etc., Office Depot will provide 3D CAD Drawings to assist with your space planning- as well as a dedicated team of subject matter experts to help.

A few more details:

  • Free delivery on orders of $50 or more
  • Dedicated customer service with a personal touch
  • Office Depot Print & Document Services
  • Flexible purchasing options: Online, Retail Store (with SPC Card), or Customer Service Line

Additional Program Details

  1. To log onto your account go to: www.business.officedepot.com
  2.  Enter username and password in order to receive the VGM Club discounts. 

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