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Black Clover

VGM Club members receive special pricing on hats

Black Clover is a lifestyle apparel company with a vision rooted in living life to the fullest. Every premium hat, piece of clothing and lifestyle accessory is designed to inspire and invite its owner to enjoy life, to embrace every day. 

To receive your VGM Club discount:

  • Add your account number on your myVGMClub
  • Once we receive your account number, we will get you aligned
  • When placing orders, always mention you are a VGM Club member!

Get started today for only $399!
Your 'Getting Started' Package Includes:

Premium Clover 1 (5 L/XL, 3 S/M) ... $13.50/ea

Premium Clover 2 (5 L/XL, 3 S/M)...$13.50/ea

Premium Clover 22 (5 L/XL, 3 S/M)...$13.50/ea

Premium Clover 51 (5 L/XL, 3 S/M)...$13.50/ea

Total: 32 Pieces           Wholesale at $432

VGM Club member price: $399

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