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#ClubGrub is Here!


For this contest, chefs were asked to create a unique dish using one of three McCormick Spices’ Grill Mates: Brown Sugar Bourbon, Mojito Lime, or Smokehouse Maple. Entries had to include a full listing of ingredients, a detailed process of preparation, and a photo of the final product. VGM Club has selected the top three winners:



Winning Recipe 

Smokehouse Maple “TurBasa” BBQ


McCormick’s Smokehouse Maple Seasoning

1 Ea. 4lb Raw Turkey Breast Skin On

3 Links of 5/1 Kielbasa Sausage


7 oz. McCormick’s Smokehouse Maple Seasoning   

½ Gallon Apple Juice

1 Quart Water

2 oz. Kosher Salt 

1 TBSP Turmeric

Add 5 oz of Smokehouse Maple Seasoning and all of the rest of the ingredients for the brine to a 2 gallon pot and bring to a quick boil, simmer until the spices dissolve. Take off stove and chill until 38 degrees, reserve for future use. Take the 3 links of 5/1 kielbasa sausage out of the pack and place in freezer until very stiff, almost frozen. Keep in freezer until turkey breast is prepped.

Prepping the Turkey Breast

On a cutting board place turkey breast skin side up and with a slender, straight boning knife make 3 plunging cuts length wise through the center of the turkey breast, spacing the cuts about 2 inches apart. Insert 1 almost frozen kielbasa into each cut, making sure that no kielbasa is sticking out. Option of trussing up “TurBasa” with butcher twine is advised but not 100 percent necessary. Place TurBasa in brine and brine overnight in refrigerator.

Cooking Method

Pre-heat grill/smoker until 250 degrees. Take TurBasa out of brine and pat dry. Liberally rub with McCormick Smokehouse Maple all over TurBasa and let sit for 45 minutes. Place TurBasa in grill/smoker in a non-direct heat area and allow to cook until an internal temperature of 158 degrees is reached. Take out of grill/smoker and wrap in plastic wrap then in aluminum foil and let rest/carry over cook until 165 degrees is reached in a well-insulated cooler.


Take TurBasa out of foil/plastic wrap and slice across the grain showing the circle inlays of the kielbasa. Sprinkle one more time with McCormick’s Smokehouse Maple Seasoning and serve with corn bread, fresh cheese jalapeños, avocado, and Smokehouse Maple baked beans.



Grilled Mojito Lime Salmon

Submitted by: Chef John Dutra

Palm Desert Resort Country Club

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Grilled Carlton Farms Pork Tenderloin

Submitted by: Chef Lee Jennings

Eugene Country Club

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The Club Grub Contest is brought to you by our friends at McCormick Spices