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A Look at VGM Furniture with Carol Swift

Posted On: June 19, 2017 by VGM Club in: VGM Club

A Look at VGM Furniture with Carol Swift

It's summer time, and with summer time comes the wedding season! Although exciting for the families involved, it can be quite hectic for club managers. Meeting the demands of your consumers requires a balancing act. With VGM Furniture, you can find furniture solutions that balance those demands. "We have spent nearly 20 years researching and providing equipment for the rental and event industry," said Carol Swift, owner of VGM Furniture.  "We challenge our suppliers to not only provide the best equipment but also top notch service after the sale." Instead of simply supplying furniture, VGM Furniture works with each club specifically to discover what they need. By working together, clubs find the product they need at a price that makes sense for them. "Every club is unique, and I want to be sure that the equipment they purchase fits their style and potential use."

While attempting to find the right furniture, Swift says it is paramount that purchasers keep two thoughts in mind:

  • You get what you pay for.
  • If a deal is too good to be true, be aware.

VGM Furniture works with suppliers to make sure clubs get what they pay for. One way they are able to accomplish this is by allowing the club to test out the actual product they are considering - this way clubs know what to expect. "It's nice to see a club test what they are going to purchase. For example, allowing them to sit in a chair or even beat it up a little bit - it gives them an opportunity to really experience how a particular product will work for them."

VGM Furniture sees two common pitfalls with furniture procurement:

  • Furniture does not last to expectation.
  • Furniture does not perform to expectation.

In order to mitigate potentially disappointed consumers, VGM Furniture does the research and shopping for the club too. Carol and her team will provide options and solutions to fit a club's budget, look beautiful and last.

Among the top products VGM Furniture has to offer is their best-selling White Resin Chair.

"This chair is an evolution of the White Wood Chair. The White Resin Chair has a padded seat that not only looks great but is also comfortable," says Swift. "These chairs are easy to clean with a magic eraser and stay looking new for years with proper maintenance."

VGM Furniture also provides tables; including the increasingly popular cocktail table.

"These tables are perfect for cocktail hour setups, or intimate seating at a reception. They can be dressed up with table cloths and sashes to tie in to the bride's colors."

For more information on VGM Furniture, go to www.vgmfurniture.com. For direct service, contact Carol Swift at (855)-836-6900 or email her at carol@vgmfurniture.com. Our friends at VGM Furniture will be more than willing to assist you with any of your club's event needs!