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Finch Services Comes to You

Posted On: April 11, 2018 by VGM Club in: Agronomy

John Deere Golf and Finch are Committed to Service

Before we begin a relationship with a supplier partner, we determine how they fit within our own philosophy. Without question, John Deere Golf’s commitment to quality products and services parallels ours. This has led to a partnership that extends beyond just benefits on purchasing John Deere Golf equipment. 

Once we dig deeper to specific dealers, you find the commitment to service throughout the entire ownership process. Not only are you getting the performance of John Deere Golf equipment, but you are also receiving their highly skilled service and sales representatives. 

About Finch Services

We are proud to have Finch Services as our John Deere Golf distributor in the Northeast. Finch Services excels in areas that competitors cannot match. With Finch Services, it’s all in the name. They pride themselves on exceptional service, so we took the time to interview Paul Schultheis, Corporate Golf Sales Manager and Justin O’Connor, Corporate Golf Service Manager to learn more about their commitment to education and support within the industry, their dealer of the year award, and recent servicing improvements.

To begin, the commitment to continued education and industry support is important to both of us. Beyond just the John Deere equipment training offered, Finch Services is also setting up all of their new locations to be GCSAA proctor exam locations for the new Turf Equipment Technician Certification program through the GCSAA.

Check out  the different events, training and services we offer with all of John Deere Golf here.

Another thing that is evident with Finch Services is their dedication to the customer. Their tremendous improvement in service capabilities has differentiated themselves in the northeast.

“We’ve added to our parts staff so we’ve increased the amount of people to handle calls and the ordering of parts. We’re expanding our ordering to online where customers can order 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” – Justin O’Connor, Corporate Golf Service Manager

They currently have road technicians covering their territory, but with a new look. These fleets have been modernized with GPS systems, tablet computers, and smartphones so they can be remotely dispatched. Additionally, they have doubled the amount of people on their parts staff to increase their efficiency.

Their trucks are not your typical service vehicle, either. These newly equipped vehicles have almost every part or tool the customer or repairman would ever need. Typically, road technicians carry around $20,000 worth of inventory so the right part is available upon arrival. Their goal is to fix the machine in the field without having to bring it back to the shop, thus reducing the costly time and money associated.

“For us, that’s been one of our big successes, being able to repair it in the field. We repair roughly 80% of the machines out in the field without having to bring it back to the shop, and that’s something that gives us an advantage over anyone else.” – Justin O’Connor, Corporate Golf Service Manager

Part of offering high-quality service involves adapting and reimagining what is possible to offer the best possible service. The most important part, arguably, is the foundation that places quality customer service and products ahead of everything else.

“Our entire team is involved with the service to that customer. From the service group to the parts group to the administrative group to the owner group, our main goal is to serve that customer. We look at these situations as partnerships and they’re much more involved than just a typical vendor/customer relationship.” – Paul Schultheis, Corporate Golf Sales Manager

Mike Woltz, Director of Business Development - Agronomy, sums this up extremely well, “VGM Club’s members are receiving the highest quality equipment with the highest quality service; in addition to the benefit we offer during the purchasing phase. Thanks to our friends at Finch Services raising the bar each and every day, the evidence of that continues to pile up, and dovetails perfectly with how we would like to differentiate ourselves within the marketplace.”

All of this culminates into being John Deere’s Distributor of the Year for 2017. Take a moment to watch a few Finch Services customers echo all of these sentiments in the video below.

Learn more about how to get in contact with a Finch Services representative by calling your VGM Club rep at 800-363-5480 or visit www.vgmclub.com.