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Coffee Programs to Spice Up Your Fall

Posted On: October 2, 2017 by VGM Club in: Food and Beverage

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In America, we love our coffee and make it a priority in our daily lives. According to e-importz.com, in 2016 more than 50 percent of Americans 18+ drank coffee every single day, which is nearly 150 million people. Additionally, the average person in the United States consumes 1.6 cups of coffee PER DAY.

Chances are your members like coffee, and drink it often, but how can your club serve high quality coffee at the clubhouse? Look no further than our friends at Royal Cup Coffee and Farmer Brothers!

Royal Cup Coffee

Everyone can make their own cup of coffee at home, but with Royal Cup Coffee, your club can purchase and provide gourmet coffee at a discount through your VGM Club membership. Offering anything from French roast to fine teas and flavored coffees, Royal Cup Coffee has it all. Through Royal Cup Coffee, your club receives local route delivery, equipment, and service at no additional cost to your club. Espresso machines and other equipment is also at your club’s fingertips, but Royal Cup Coffee doesn’t stop there. They also offer recipes for tasty coffee creations, such as 3 Gameday Coffee Recipes to Kick off Football Season.

Learn about Royal Cup Coffee’s Fall Tea programs here

Farmer Brothers

“From top tier whole bean and ground coffees to convenient liquid, instant and iced coffees, know that we’ll always have what you’re looking for.” Maybe your club is interested in coffee, but doesn’t know to what extent. Farmer Brothers offers high quality coffee in many different types, qualities, and quantities. This program allows clubs to supply their banquets, snack shops, kitchens, and cart options with custom coffee and beverage plans. At Farmer Brothers, coffee is a priority and through your VGM Club membership, your club can make coffee a priority too.

Learn more about Farmer Brothers Fall Coffee offerings here.

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