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    Across the golf world, club operators are finding ways to diversify their offerings. Junior golf programs must take the same approach. PGA Professionals are no different than any other person at the course. You are busy! Juniors take a much more hands on approach, and simply relying on the same junior golf program that has continued to reap similar rewards is enticing. Why change? Just like any other industry, it is imperative to evolve, and offering a diversified junior golf program is a step towards

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    Club Chefs, VGM Club wants to know: Who has the best "Club Grub" sandwich in America? Thousands of clubs are serving great sandwiches every day. No secret there. It's also no secret that club chefs across the country are some of the most creative individuals in the industry. It got us thinking, how can we celebrate this? Ah ha! Club Grub Contest: The Sandwich was born. VGM Club and our partners at Hellmann's® & Best Foods® Mayonnaise have launched VGM Club's first

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    Written by: Cam Schultz I'm going to get this out there right now--VGM is a VERY patriotic company It all started with our late, great founder, Van G. Miller, who literally wore his love for our country on his sleeve nearly every day. And it's only grown from there. Even more so this year for some reason. It could be that our office hosted many Presidential candidates as they prepped for the Iowa caucuses or maybe it's the upcoming Olympics (complete with golf...YES!) Whatever