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    This past week VGM Club was able to gather VGM Club members, speakers and partners together for a full day of GCSAA certified education and demonstration. “It was exciting to bring together experts from different disciplines to provide the audience with a high level of education. It was our goal to bundle several educational credits for superintendents and bring it to them. With the support of the GCSAA we made that happen.” – Cam Schultz, Session leader and VP of Marketing. On

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    Our Agronomy Advisory Board Mailbag: Quarter Three edition is brought to you by the VGM Club Fertilizer & Chemical Program. This quarter we switched up the process a bit. Instead of fielding the questions from our membership , we asked our board a question to help us with our GCSAA seminar titled “The Four Turf Languages”. We wanted to focus on communication. How do you communicate to your membership and board/owners, and what mediums do you use to do so? For our seminar,

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    Our Agronomy Advisory Board Mailbag: Quarter Three edition is brought to you by Nufarm. We are approaching the most important purchasing season of the year for Superintendents. Some of our members are almost hot off the heels of another grueling summer. Superintendents like Rick Tegtmeier and his team busted their butts all summer to overcome challenges, and now they have to quickly recalibrate for next season. Simply put, its a tough turnaround. It has been a very difficult growing

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    “As an Equipment Manager, our job is to supply the Superintendent with the properly working equipment to help achieve the best turf conditions possible. That all starts with the relationship between the Super and the EM... We have an understanding, I can make his job easier and he can make mine easier as well.” – Ben Beard, Equipment Manager at Walnut Creek Country Club in the latest MiGCSA Magazine. VGM Club has focused a lot on mechanics lately. We have been gathering information

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    In the battle to maintain spotless turf, one of the biggest enemies is dollar spot. Fast and relentless, dollar spot can strike overnight damaging the quality and appearance of your greens and fairways. Enhance your existing dollar spot management program with Pinpoint® Fungicide, exclusively from Nufarm.  How can you manage dollar spot without severely hampering your budget? This is the million dollar question isn’t it? In order to help combat this challenge, VGM Club

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    Written by: Cam Schultz, VP of Marketing April 25, 2018 marked the eleventh annual National Golf Day (NGD), a coalition created by several industry associations & led by the GCSAA and World Golf Foundation (more details can be found at www.wearegolf.org). This year’s event was the first time VGM Club has participated. We were not alone as first time attendees either. The number of participants has grown from 40 attendees back at the inaugural event to nearly 200 industry professionals

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    Written by: Pete Kinney, VGM Club’s Director of Business Development, Pro Shop As I enter my 23rd year, as a PGA Professional, I am very fortunate to have the role of developing and overseeing the pro shop category for VGM Club. Over the past 16 months, we have added several outstanding suppliers to our portfolio and I am always in search of new partners that can grow your pro shop revenue. I also enjoy interacting with our members. In that spirit, I would like to extend a personal, open-ended

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    This mailbag column goes only so far as your questions can take it. To ask a question for quarter three, where the Agronomy Advisory Board will answer timely questions about budgeting for the new year, early order programs and more, click here. Maybe we should start with what a mailbag column is. Simply put, a mailbag column is where the readers send the questions, and generally speaking, an expert answers, and our Agronomy Advisory Board, is just that. A panel of experts. What we hope

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    Before we begin a relationship with a supplier partner, we determine how they fit within our own philosophy. Without question, John Deere Golf’s commitment to quality products and services parallels ours. This has led to a partnership that extends beyond just benefits on purchasing John Deere Golf equipment.  Once we dig deeper to specific dealers, you find the commitment to service throughout the entire ownership process. Not only are you getting the performance of John Deere

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    Written by Mike Woltz, Director of Business Development – Agronomy In the article, “Fine-Tune Your Agronomic Budget” we published last month, I pointed out that, “Just like your greens committee, VGM Club is not always an expert. We count on your feedback and the expertise of our partners to build a program that works for you. We will always work to better that portfolio with existing and/or new partners. That will never change.” Part of that quote was a teaser